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The terrace System 7D consists of the universal profile PK130.20/1, mounted with a type U clip to chamber runner LK70.38:



Product code:  PK130.20/1

Dimensions:  130mm x 20mm

Application:  terraces, facades, fences, benches, flower pots

Weight:  1,9 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2:  ~7,7 mb

Surface machining:  sanded

Product code:  LK70.38

Dimensions:  70mm x 38mm

Application:  terraces, facades

Weight:  1,0 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2:  ~3 mb

Product code:  Klip typu U

Application:  tarasy, elewacje

Needed for 1 m2:  ~48 pcs.

In contrast to the DKG terrace system, the assembly of the 7D system is a bit more time-consuming, because clips are fastened from the bottom of the profiles, and not as in the DKG system - fixed from the top to the LK runner. However, thanks to such a construction, we obtain an almost uniform surface, separated by small spacing between the profiles (about 1.50 mm). The practical advantage of this solution is the ease of keeping the terrace clean throughout its entire lifetime.

Just like all composite profiles offered by CROSWOOD, the surface of the 7D terrace system can also be dyed in a wide range of colors compatible with the Resysta color patter

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