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Main profile used in the 7F system is our universal board PK130.20/1 made of RESYSTA composite material. The system consists of:



Product code:  PK130.20/1

Dimensions:  129mm x 19mm

Applications:  facades, fences, benches, terraces

Weight:  1,9 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2:  ~7,7 mb

Surface treatment:  sanded

Product code:  LK70.38

Dimensions:  70mm x 38mm

Applications:  facades, terraces

Weight:  1,0 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2:  ~3 mb

Product code:  Clip type U

Applications:  terraces, facades

Needed for 1 m2:  ~48 szt.


Facade 7F system is second - after the CP facade system - most commonly used fasade system made of RESYSTA. In comparison to the CP system, 7F system offers a flat surface divided only by small 1,5mm gaps between the profiles (with standard mounting). Addittionally - thanks to the use of the montage system - SIHGA Dielenfix II you have the opportunity to change the size of the gap between thePK130.20/1 profiles. Thanks to the system you can also choose the direction in which the profiles will be installed - vertically or horizontally - this system is perfect when a non-stadard solution for complicated patterns is needed. 

Thanks to the build of the PK130.20/1 profile (thick walls + 7 chambers) it characterizes by high strength and can be used also as a terrace or fence profile. Like all other profiles made of RESYSTA and offered by CROSWOOD, the PK130.20/1 system is available in every color. 


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