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Click-Tiles for self installation

Kratka podestowa.jpg

Offered click-tile terrace system is an interesting alternative to standard terrace systems which need to be permanently installed in the ground. Thanks to the extremely durable PVC frame with special hooks, the system can be assembled and disassembled by the customer himself. This solution makes it easy and simple to periodically clean the surface under the system or move the entire terrace to another location.
The upper part of click-tiles is made of RESYSTA composite material, so we have the freedom to choose the surface treatment (sanded or brushed like old wood) and the color of the terrace in accordance with the RESYSTA Color Chart. 

Dimensions:  300 x 300 mm

Total height:  20 mm

Needed for 1 m2:  around 11 pcs.

Material:  lower part - PVC fram, surface - RESYSTA

Surface treatment:  sanded or brushed

Colour:  in accordance with the RESYSTA Color Chart

Applications:  gardens, garden paths

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