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Complete CP facade system consists of: 



Profile code: CP140

Application: facades

Covering height: 150mm

Weight: 1.44 kg/m1

Colour: every colour is possible 

Needed for 1 m2: ~6,67 mb

Product code: LK38.25

Application: facades, terraces

Dimensions: 38 mm x 25 mm

Weight: 1,00 kg/m1

Needed for 1 m2: ~3 mb


CP facade system is a fully closed system which we install as a ventilated facade - cuts on the highest and the lowest profiles need to be applied. The cuts enable the air flow behind the CP profiles which are installed on a 'tongue and groove' (instert) basis.

The use of RESYSTA composite material ensures extreme durability of the system. That is not all - our facade profiles offer a very high aesthetics thanks to which the look of every facade can be transformed. Even though it looks and feels like wood, it does not have knots or splinters.  You can choose products in natural colors or colored and lacquered in any color.

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