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Durable and innovative composite material RESYSTA – meet its producer

CROSWOOD is a company based in Torun which was established in early 2014. Our main goal was to introduce to the polish market a highly durable and ecological lining material, that would be an alternative to the externally used wood, PVC or WPC profiles. After initial research and analysis, our choice fell on the innovative composite material – RESYSTA, that consists of (among others) rice husks (natural waste), mineral oil and salt. The main factors that influenced our decision were: the environmental friendliness of the material, the look and feel of exotic wood, the color freedom and unprecedented durability, combined with a wide range of applications. Over the years we have gained the necessary experience and introduced a range of RESYSTA profiles, composite decking and facade systems but also ready products such as garden pots and indoor window sills.


Terraces, facades, garden arbors - CROSWOOD is a Polish company with great potential

Recent years have also gone by on dissemination of the idea of a new, ecological composite material mainly among market specialists - designers, architects and developers. Participation in trade fairs and conferences caused RESYSTA to be recognized for its exceptional properties. This is evidenced by the ever-growing number of projects and implementations with its use and awards (Plastpol, Budma Gold Medal, The Sail of Development).

At present we focus on the improvement of our production, technology of manufacturing and processing of RESYSTA profiles. As a professional manufacturer we are constantly inspiring our customers' ideas and working on new applications. We continue to expand our network of partners and distributors not only in Poland, but also throughout the European Union.


Terrace boards, small garden architecture and much more.

Based on the existing realizations of terraces made of durable composite material or elevation of the building made of our profiles, we offer comprehensive support in the selection and installation of CROSWOOD products. We help you choose composite decking boards, facade composite panels, or assembly joists. In addition, we advise on modern terraces, fences or small garden architecture (pots, benches, pergolas, gazebos).

Thanks to an experienced team of material and production specialists, we are able to meet even the most demanding expectations. There are many uses of RESYSTA composite material, and as manufacturers and passionate we undertake all kinds of untypical projects because the only thing that limits our life is our imagination.


We invite you to cooperate with us!



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