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DKG System is the most commonly used system for terrace covering. The complete system consist of:




Product code: DKG125.22

Application: terraces, floors

Dimensions: 124 mm x 21 mm

Weight: 2,45 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2: ~8 m1

Possible surface treatment (structure): 

  • sanded
  • riffled
  • brushed

Product code: LK70.38

Application: terraces, floors, facades

Dimensions: 70 mm x 38 mm

Weight: 1,27 kg/mb

Needed for 1 m2: ~3 m1

Product code: Clip T

Application: terraces, floors

Packing: 100 pcs. (without screws)

Needed for 1 m2: ~35 pcs.

The main component of the system - the DKG125.22 profile is made of Resysta compsite material which is extremely durable and resistant to any weather conditions, including moisture. Thanks to that, submerged in water for many years the profile does not degrade and retains all of its original features. The profile is free from knots, splinters and will not be affected by the action of fungi or insects. This is what differs RESYSTA from wood profiles - they do not need to be impregnated to keep them beautiful for many years.

Croswood completes orders individually, tailoring them to customers needs - you choose the colour you want to have your profiles delivered in (by our colour concept).


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