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Croswood currently offers a number of profiles, semi-finished products and ready products made of RESYSTA.

For our products a 15-year guarantee for breaking (excluding impact damage), swelling, rotting and that no pests will attack the profiles is given.

For detailed warranty information see DOWNLOAD> Purchase and warranty terms.

Standard lenghts in which RESYSTA profiles are offered are 2,4m and 3,6m (sanded and untreated). We also offer professional coloring, varnishing and cutting the profiles to desired dimensions - we encourage you to inquire.

Availability of profiles depends on order specification (quantity, type of profile, length - standard / non-standard, surface finish, staining, varnishing, etc.) and generally ranges from 1 to 12 weeks. The entire production process is illustrated in the following diagram:



Our offer includes:

  • Facade systems,
  • Terrace systems,
  • Fences,
  • Universal profiles,
  • Chamber profiles,
  • Round profiles,
  • Full sheets,
  • Foamed sheets - New!
  • Pots, benches, garden tables

Technical drawings of profiles (cross-sections) serve only as an illustrative model. The exact dimensions of the products depend on the production batch and the grit of sandpaper used for sanding of the batch.

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